April 19, 2017


Hey folks tonight is the "ONLINE ONLY" cut off to enter the S&S Knuckle motor Giveaway. You have until midnight tonight to buy a BF9 Giveaway promo poster/ticket combo that enters you to win. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN THIS MOTOR!! We will pick the winning number this Saturday April 22nd at The Hippykiller Hoedown. We will be selling the poster/ticket combos live all day at the event and pick the winner about 5pm.To get your chance now go to the BF Merch page on  www.losermachine.com Remember you ticket goes back in the bucket for a chance at the 3 bikes at BF and ll other online giveaways.

April 18, 2017

BORN-FREE 9 Race / Skate

Hey folks if you need more to do and see we have added a couple things to help you. Thursday Night June 22 nd at the Costa Mesa Speedway we have Live Dirt Track Racing. Gates open at 4pm. We will have all the invited Builder Bikes on Display for the first time.
We have also teamed up with Vans and will have a Skate party both days at the show. Vert ramp skating all day Saturday & Sunday featuring some of the best skaters in the world. Stay tuned for more info on both activities.  

April 10, 2017

BF9 Grass Pass Admission Bands

The BF9 Grass Pass Ride In Admission Bands are going quick. If you want you bike inside the show grounds a BF9 Grass Pass Ride In Admission BAND is the only way to do so. There is NO DAY OF "RIDE IN" admission. If you want to show your bike and get in the running for the over 20 different awards you will need a Grass Pass Band or if you just want to be parked inside the grounds  on the grounds or in the shade of the trees you will need a Grass Pass. If you are packing double your passenger needs one too. Get'em online here https://www.losermachine.com/collections/born-free before they are gone.*BF9 Giveaway Poster/Ticket combos, Skate Decks and all other merch available now.

April 7, 2017

3rd Time's a Charm

Ok folks here it is. The Garage Company Party has BEEN OFFICALLY CANCELED!
We have teamed up with The Hippy Killer Hoedown and will have it Saturday April 22nd at the Hoedown!! All giveaways including the S&S Knucklehead Motor are in play and there is still time to enter. Remember you do not need too be present to win...But you should!

March 29, 2017

New Attractions For BF9

We are always trying to add new things to the show to keep you entertained and this year we have added a couple you should enjoy.

March 11, 2017

BF9 High/Low Roller Packages

Loser Machine has set up some BF9 Giveaway Promo Packages. The High & Low Roller. Get them on the BF9 Merch page www.losermachine.com or just click the link in the sidebar section of our home page. These decks are limited and when we are out that's it. Also the Grass Pass Ride In Admission Bands are going quick and they will sell out. This is the only way to get your bike inside the show grounds. More To Come.

February 27, 2017

We Can't Do It Alone

Our New Website is up and running. We have a special Partners page set up for all our amazing sponsors. The show exists because of all the generous support we get from our friends. Please take a look.

February 23, 2017

The New BORN-FREE Website is Live

Our new website is up now. We still have a few more tweaks with the Invited Builder, where to stay & FAQ sections...but it's much improved and easy to use. Check it out www.bornfreeshow.com

February 21, 2017


Win a S&S Knucklehead Motor at the Garage Company Party. Saturday March 18th ....You do not need to be present to win!! Buy a BF9 Bike Giveaway Promo poster/ticket combo and you are entered. Yo also are entered to win all the other giveaways leading up to the show...including a 1951 Panhead // 1942 Knucklehead and a 2017 H-D Lowrider S. Get your chance now through online www.losermachine.com

February 20, 2017


The BF9 Grass Pass Ride In Admission Bands are on sale now at www.loser.machine.com This is the only way to get your bike inside the show grounds. If you want to show ur bike or just ride in and park on the grass with your friends you will need a Grass Pass Admission Band. If you are riding double the passenger will need one too. If you are driving a car or just want to park your bike in the parking lot you do not need one. You will just park and pay at the gate. Get them before they are gone. We have the Bike Giveaway Promo Poster/ Ticket combos, New T Shirts, Hats and Skate Decks too.